Guest Reviews

"You have a gift for hospitality! I am fortunate to have received it in ways great and small. See you next year!"
Houston, TX

"What a lovely weekend we had at your beautiful home. Mother's 80th birthday was made extra special because of your graciousness. This will be a weekend we will remember with great fondness."
Brampton, ON

"We felt thoroughly spoiled in every way during our stay here. The hosts, the fantastic breakfasts, our accommodation, and the marvelous ambience of the house and grounds, I have no doubt Hughson Hall will become the place to stay in Stratford."
Whitby, ON

"Wow! Where do I start with thanks for you? You were so amazing throught the whole wedding process. As the big day approached I knew that I didn't need to stress because you two had my back and would make sure that everything was beautiful - and it was. You went above and beyond my expectations. You are AMAZING!!"
Chatham, ON

"We were treated far too well at Hughson Hall. The bed was too big, the food was too tasty. The decor was too decadent. The mansion was too massive. Please take it down a few notches lest we become accustomed to the Good Life. We are artists after all, we'll never have it this good again."
Toronto, ON

"My husband has promised to serve me fruit in a martini glass and to play harp music while I eat it. Thank you for your example! One of your guests mentioned your joy of spirit, and I couldn't say it better. A pleasurable stay. Thank You."
Toronto, ON